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Lou Winoski - Investor and Founding Partner

Lou Winoski

Louis Winoski is the founder and managing partner of Homeric Partners, LLC, a consulting firm advising organizations in Vision development and Strategy execution. A seasoned leader with 31 years of executive experience across a broad range of leadership positions including owner, CEO, President, Managing Director, Chairman and board member of a variety of manufacturing, service, and engineering design concerns in the US, Canada, and Europe. His expertise spans strategic planning, business development, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, integration of diverse entities, operations, and supply chain optimization.

Lou has worked most of his career in the global aerospace supply chain. Early on, he developed and implemented supply chain and production models that dramatically reduced cycle time from customer order to fulfillment, while improving service and profitability levels. Homeric Partners was established to teach others how to replicate the models and translate into dramatic increases in enterprise value.

In 2002, he authored the strategy that led to a $1 billion contract for PFW AG, a German 1st Tier supplier to Airbus, on the Boeing 787, later serving in the role of COO and Executive Program Manager for the US subsidiary that led the design and build of approximately 2200 part numbers per airplane. Concurrently, Lou led a 140-person international engineering team that assisted Boeing and its Partners in the design of the 787 structures and systems.

In 2011, Lou moved Homeric Partners from Florida to Charleston, SC to participate in the region's aerospace industry expansion. In February 2016, he co-founded Homeric Enterprise Engineering with Juergen Viehrig, a consulting company focused on improving operational performance of aerospace suppliers.

Lou is a former Airborne Ranger officer in the US Army and is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Industrial and Systems Management Engineering.

Currently, Lou also serves as CEO of REFA International and as an advisor to the Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA) and various domestic and international enterprises that aspire to participate in the US aerospace market. He is an active volunteer at the College of Charleston and board member of WA:KE UP Carolina.

Lou is married with four daughters and one grand-daughter.